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Charging solutions

PLUG-IN Box is an Italian technology and consumers service company. We provide mobile device charging solutions to support your business by helping to attract, engage, satisfy and retain customers. We place and operate in venues of all types. We love keeping people charged up so that they can be connected everywhere. A secure and sharing way to charge your phone when you are not at home. PLUG-IN Box.

On average, a person needs to recharge is phone at least 2-3 times a day and to control it about 67 times. Charging is a service that involves the mobile users in one great moment of experience and engagement generating gratitude to the service! Brands are interested into reach a “mobile” target getting the marketing and communication potential opportunities of this new service. #Yourbestcharge more than a simple hashtag!

Everyone Stays Happy

Mobile Accessories

Online Shop – Italian design smartphone accessories collection. A real alternative in fashion and design  for a unique mobile experience. Visit now our mobile accessories area – Pluginbox #thinksmartphone !

Plug-in Box the way to dress and charge your phone!